15 October 20182018 Area Award
16 October 20172017 Area Award
17 October 20162016 Area Award

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2018 Area Award
Monday 15 October 2018

In 2018 five Societies contributed a total of £1,400 to the Area Award fund. At the Autumn Area meeting it was agreed to make an award of £350 to each of the following four nominated projects.

The Art Room
Highly trained practitioners work with children who are facing emotional difficulties, using a unique methodology to help them explore their feelings, express themselves and grow in confidence. Working in 'Art Rooms' nationwide, they give children a creative place to learn, achieve and grow. After working with The Art Room, children return to the classroom feeling more self-assured, more socially skilled and far better equipped to learn. The Wyvern Area Award was designated to support the work of the Oxford and Didcot Art Rooms. Click here to visit the Art Room website

A tertiary education college, part of City of Oxford College, providing courses up to degree level in furniture design and manufacture. In previous years the larger award made to Rycotewood had been awarded to one student in recognition of the quality of their work in the second year Seat project. This year the Award was designated to provide additional materials for all students to have the opportunity to make a prototype Seat - something last year's Award winner acknowledged was beneficial.

Buckingham Association for the Care of Offenders (BACO)
Following an initial Award in 2017, this year two Awards were made via BACO to:
- HMP Grendon for the provision of additional materials requested by inmates during their Art Therapy course. (See 2017 for further details of Grendon's unique standing)
- HMP Springhill in support of the Drawing Connections project, a collaboration between prison inmates and students of Banbury and Bicester College Art Faculty. The Award will support an exhibition of work produced during the eight-week course of workshops.